Invest in the right assets.

Qualia helps you manage your money in a diversified, market neutral, and high yield sneaker + streetwear portfolio.

A sneaker store that's managed like a hedge fund

Get exposure to rapidly growing sneaker resale market through a secure, transparent, and data-centric managed investment fund.

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Internet Arbitrage

Our proprietary technology enables us to monitor billions of dollars of internet assets, allowing us to find inefficient pricing and capture flash opportunities.

Earn + Own

Imagine if your stock portfolio had real-world utility? Now it does. You can withdraw any assets in your account and we'll ship them directly to you.


We believe in transparency for alt asset investing. We give access to the transaction ledger so you can see every buy, sell, win, and loss.

Healthy Liquidity

Our asset turnover strategy keeps money coming back into your account. Our asset turnover is 4x, keeping your investment fluid to mitigate risk.

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