Consumer resale is one of the largest, unregulated markets.

As consumer behavior changes and data-centric resale platforms emerge, the product supply-chain becomes more fragmented and inefficient.

Incentive alignment, securitization and technology are perquisites for resale markets to mature without creating friction for consumers.

Our mission is to accelerate commoditization of resale asset trading

Platforming fragmented data

Secure Infrastructure

Accessible Investments

$80M invested.

We've traded alt assets for 10 years, focusing on the consumer resale sector. We've bought + sold over $80M of consumer goods and built lots of proprietary technology along the way.

Our decades long exposure to multiple asset verticals has informed our vision of the future. We see consumer resale as an integral part of the global supply-chain, but decades of unregulated profiteering have derailed this path. We want to work with traders, marketplaces, and consumers to build a sustainable ecosystem for resale as an asset.

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