Turn products that inspire you, into assets that empower you.

Resale has long burdened consumers with extortive prices, limited supply, opaque fees and fraud. We fight the status quo by creating a better supply-chain that doesn't harm the consumer and by creating new opportunities for wealth creation.

We make consumer resale accessible to consumers.

Qualia's technology + investing products offer transparency and insights that help you interact with the $42B resale economy.

Passive Investments

With $6M AUM, we execute thousands of transactions every week. Invest in one of our managed funds for exposure in an uncorrelated, asset-backed, alt investment.

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Market Intelligence

Data platform for the entire streetwear + sneakers marketplace.

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Inventory Management

Qualia provides custody, real-time appraisal, pricing and fulfillment services. Its time to unlock the value of the goods in your closet.

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